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Ground Pounder 30th Anniversary GPV Series Amplifiers

Chicago, IL January, 2009 –The new Crunch® USA Anniversary Edition of Ground Pounder Amplifiers features V-Drive performance technologies for a reliable, performance-driven design.


Created by the original team of Crunch engineers in celebration of 30 proud years, the Ground Pounder Amplifier looks great and is highlighted by a new heat sink, attractive end panels and an illuminated, pulsating “V” logo. The latest in V-Drive performance technologies are packed inside the massive Ground Pounder heat sink. New military grade PCBs and large 3 oz. copper traces were added to handle higher current loads. The SPI (Signal Path Isolation) provides clean audio signals to feed the enhanced performance power supply and the upgraded circuitry that when combined, makes up our new V-Drive technology.

To further commemorate the 30th anniversary is the illuminating “V” on the amplifier in either fixed or flashing mode. In response to the anniversary of Crunch, Alden Stiefel, President of Crunch USA added, “What better way to celebrate 30 years than by bringing V-Drive technology back to Crunch. This best-in-class brand was founded on a history of award winning amplifier engineering.” Stiefel further added, “It is a great opportunity to once again demonstrate our technical prowess with our new and improved V-Drive technology.”

The GPV series is available in A/B and D-Class mono block Amplifiers with Crunch’s distinctive twin-coil isolation design (TCID). Fully adjustable crossovers allow for limitless frequency control possibilities. Bass thrust with variable bass equalization ensures low distortion and delivers the widest bandwidth possible for an extremely smooth response. RCA line outputs include amplifier daisy-chaining and 4 to 0 gauge power connectors. A remote bass control is included with all mono block models.

Included in this series is Crunch’s Professional Ground Pounder D-Class model that is built for incredible performance. The GPV3000.1D-PRO is a competition series amplifier and the only Crunch amplifier to ever be 18volt stable. The PRO uses the latest technology and delivers 3000 watts of pure RMS power at staggering efficiency levels with significantly reduced heat.

See the Ground Pounder GPV series and complete line up from Crunch at the Maxxsonics booth, North Hall 1809 at CES 2009.

2-Channel A/B-Class
GPV700.2 2 x 175 @ 4-Ohms $ 299
GPV1000.2 2 x 250 @ 4-Ohms $ 299
4-Channel A/B-Class
GPV1000.4 4 x 125 @ 4-Ohms $ 249
GPV1600.4 4 x 185 @ 4-Ohms $ 329
Mono Block A/B-Class
GPV2000.1D 1 x 2000 @ 1-Ohm $ 379
Mono Block D-Class
GPV-3000.1D-PRO 1 x 3000 @ 1-Ohm RMS TBD

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